Habib Hayqal Calls for Delete TikTok Application: Joget TikTok Sin, Shame!!!

Roda Duniawi – Chairman of Al Barokah Assembly, Habib Hayqal Husein Alaydrus or Habib Hayqal called for the removal of TikTok application. Because joget TikTok sin and joget TikTok prohibited Islam.

Habib Hayqal angered the woman with the TikTok joget veil. Habib Hayqal joget value TikTok sin or forbidden religion.

Habib Hayqal considers the hijabless woman who lives in the village better than the woman in the big hijab, but joget-joget in TikTok.

“If anyone has that application, remove it as soon as possible,” habib Hayqal said.

Habib Hayqal admitted to wonder why nowadays people are proud to be famous for their sin. It’s like jostling and doing inappropriate things in the TikTok app.

“People used to be famous for being ashamed of sin, now they are famous for being proud,” he said in a video uploaded to Sarpan Evandy’s YouTube channel.

“Shame on us as a Muslim, more or less a Muslim. It makes no difference that we are now nauzubillah,” he continued.

Habib Hayqal then snuck the Muslims out there who were long veiled and veiled, but instead joget-joget without benefits.

“Wear a long shirt and headscarf, but joget-joget in front of the camera, for what? In fact, some people wear veils though,” said Habib Hayqal.

Habib Hayqal sure even swore in the name of God that a woman who does not wear a headscarf and does not have TikTok and lives in the village is better than a woman who wears a headscarf, but jockeys in front of the camera and then uploaded to TikTok.


“I say, for God’s sake if there is one woman not wearing a headscarf and she does not have TikTok, she lives in the village, it is much better than you wear a big hijab, you wear a coffee, but you wear TikTok, joget-joget in front of the camera,” he said.

“You who pake TikTok, joget-joget in front of the camera, Muslim women, people of the Prophet Muhammad, O Allah! One world has no limits that can see you, everyone can see you,” continued Habib Hayqal.

According to him, young people, especially Muslims now no longer have manners because it only attaches importance to its existence.

“Naudzubillah min dzalik, hopefully kept away from such things,” he said.

“This danger. We don’t have any manners now. No matter what, it’s important to exist. Want to get behind us there’s nobody no problem, it’s important there’s a video, it exists, and it goes viral.”

In the past, continued Habib Hayqal, people who are famous for sin is ashamed, but now famous for sin actually feel proud.

To that end, he was surprised we are now living in what age until finally once again he called on the public to remove the TikTok application.

“What life is this? What time are we? Therefore, delete TikTok. Even if you’re not the one who’s joking, just looking at it, what’s the difference? Remove it application,” concluded Habib Hayqal. [*/sc]


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